Un-stake & restake your DCT.

Synchronisation with MetaMask ongoing...


The following steps must be followed before you can join the IDCHAIN staking platform.

Connect with MetaMask

If not connected, click the "Connect with MetaMask" button in the top right corner

BNB available in wallet.

BNB is required to pay transaction fees on the Binance Mainnet network.

Have an active DCT Stake

You currently have

Withdraw DCT

You can withdraw from your stake amount and also get full staking reward with that withdraw-able amount.

How it Works?

  • Users can Deposit/Add DCT Token to this Platform for Earn Staking Rewards.

  • Once you will Add DCT Token it will start earning Staking Reward.

  • You can add DCT Token on 4 Network (Binance, Polygon, Ethereum) by connecting Metamask & TRON by Connecting with TronLink.

  • For Add DCT Token you must have respective Network balance available in your Account for Pay Transaction Fees.

  • Before Deposit/Add DCT Token You must have to check Min. Deposit Amount of DCT.
    (Right now Min. Deposit Amount is 1000 DCT)

  • After Add DCT token you will get Staking Reward on Every 24 hrs of Cycle.

  • You will get Staking Reward as per Invested DCT Token Amount & Declare Staking Percentage details in Token Specification.

  • You can Withdrawal separate Staking Reward Amount if you want and if you want to Restake that Reward Amount than you can do it.

  • Also your Invested Amount you can Withdrawal as you want (25%, 50%, 100% OR any custom Amount also).
    If you withdrawal 25% than remain 75% Amount Staking Continue.